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The path to 2032

You can make this happen.

This is your journey.

Brisbane 2032 is calling.

Brisbane 2032 may seem a long way away, but your journey starts right here, right now.

By applying for the Youfor2032 Talent Identification Program, you are taking the first step to what could be the most unforgettable life experiences you’ll ever have. There will be hard work, many challenges, disappointments and triumphs. For those who make it, the experience of representing your country in the world’s biggest sporting event will be unparalleled.

Finding Queensland’s next sporting stars

Queensland has produced more than our fair share of sporting champions. From butterfliers to beach volleyballers to BMXers, our great state is a prolific nursery for sporting superstars.

Everyone’s story is different, but for most who have climbed to the upper echelons of sport, there has been a lot of support, development and assistance along the way. That’s where we come in. Identifying sporting talent at the right time plays a huge factor in achieving success. We want to give our talented Queenslanders the opportunity to excel in their chosen sport by supporting them with specialised development, training and coaching programs.

In partnership with Sports, the Youfor2032 Talent Identification Program is one approach to developing our next generation of sporting heroes. Sports will also continue to closely track and monitor talent from within their own sporting pathways. To ensure no stone is left unturned, we are working with Sports to identify talent that may not have been discovered for a particular sport – but could be really good at it! Maybe you are an aspiring netballer or footballer, but who knows, you may have the potential to be a world-beater in canoeing, cycling or rowing!

The selection challenge

Selection into the program starts with one major requirement—talent. But there’s a lot more that goes into reaching your potential as an elite athlete.

Elite sport is hard. So is our selection process. It is designed to be rigorous and challenging to ensure the right athletes are identified as realistic prospects for reaching the podium.

There are a number of steps involved in the process before final selections are made. These are outlined in the graphic below. Be aware at application stage you’ll be asked a series of questions to look at your suitability in Youfor2032.

Submit your application
Get invited to our testing days
Qualify for our combines
Confirmation and selection into development program
  1. Three (3) month trial phase
  2. Selection and 12 month talent development phase
  3. Selection and ongoing development and sport integration

What are Sports looking for?

Requirements for each sport

Our goal is to give all young Queenslanders the opportunity to apply for Youfor2032. Olympic sport testing days will be hosted across Queensland, from March to June 2023. Below is a list of regions, cities, towns and suburbs in Queensland identified as venues for Youfor2032 testing sessions. As part of the selection process, athletes will need to be prepared to attend a Youfor2032 testing day, followed by subsequent sport-specific testing for certain sports.

Paralympic sport applications:

We will be holding a number of YouFor2032 Come and Try Days throughout 2023, starting in June/July 2023. If you are interested in trying any of our Paralympic sports, please email us at YouFor2032@dtis.qld.gov.au with your name, age and city. We will then notify you when applications are open for 2023.


Please note that each sport and event has specific impairment requirements and this will be discussed at the Youfor2032 Come and Try Day, so not everyone will ultimately be eligible for all sports.  All participants are welcome to try them all initially on the day.

Darling Downs & South West Queensland (2023)


Saturday 18 March


Sunday 19 March


Monday 20 March


Tuesday 21 March


Wednesday 22 March


Friday 24 & Saturday 25 March

Central West & North West Queensland (2023)


Wednesday 12 April

Mt Isa

Friday 14 April


Sunday 16 April

Far North Queensland (2023)

Cook Town

Wednesday 19 April


Saturday 22 & Sunday 23 April

Central East & North East Queensland (2023)


Saturday 13 & Sunday 14 May

Charters Towers

Monday 15 May


Wednesday 17 May


Friday 19 May


Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 May


Monday 22 May

Wide Bay Region (2023)


Tuesday 23 & Wednesday 24 May

Hervey Bay

Thursday 25 May

South East Queensland (2023)

Sunshine Coast

Monday 3 & Tuesday 4 April

The rest of the 2023 dates and locations will be announced late February 2023

When you submit your application, there will be an opportunity to select your preferred testing session location and time.


Please note: Dates, times and venues may change at short notice. If your booking is affected, the QAS will communicate directly with you.


Nurturing talent to fulfil potential

Queensland is blessed with many talented athletes. For various reasons and circumstances, sometimes that talent doesn’t reach the levels it deserves.

Youfor2032 has the aim of providing supportive development to young athletes so they can achieve the very best out of their natural sporting gifts. Selection into the program will give athletes the opportunity to receive dedicated development, training, and expert coaching programs to maximise their potential.

Developing sporting talent into sporting achievements is our primary focus.

Your questions answered


Who is eligible to apply for this program?


What if I don’t fall within the age bracket?


Is Youfor2032 a multi-year program?


If I'm not successful, what happens next?


Can I still aim to go to the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, even if I don’t try out in the QAS Youfor2032 Talent Identification Program?


If I get offered a chance to try a new sport through this Talent Identification Program, does this mean that I have to give up the sports that I am doing already?


I noticed that my Queensland region isn’t on the testing list. Can I still participate?


Do I have to relocate from my home and region to join this Talent Development program?


You say 20,000 will be tested, but only 400 will be selected to continue. Will there be other opportunities for those not successful?


What if my Sport of choice isn‘t listed?


Can athletes with a disability also participate in this program?


I have completed a para-registration. When can I sign up for a testing session?


The testing session is full, will you open more to match demand?

Have an enquiry about Youfor2032? Call or text the Queensland Academy of Sport Talent Team on 0476 229 483; or email us at YouFor2032@dtis.qld.gov.au

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We want passion.
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