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YouFor2032 – Program snapshot

The YouFor2032 Talent Identification Program has been designed by the Queensland Academy of Sport to identify our next generation of elite athletes. The aim is to develop and nurture young Queenslanders who have the potential to win on the world stage at the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Athletic ability coupled with a great attitude are the key ingredients required to excel in this program. We know there are many young athletes that are currently competing in sports that are not part of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, or who may have a greater potential for success in another sport. We are aiming to help athletes find the sport/s that will give them the best opportunity to use their athletic strengths to succeed at the highest level.

It’s not necessary to have experience in any of the sports we are looking for – in fact, we are looking for young aspiring athletes who might be able to transfer their current sporting skills and abilities into a new sport. Every sport is looking for something different. Some may be looking for those who already have a history in their sport, others are seeking brand new participants, and all of them are committed to doing their best to ensure that no talented Queenslanders miss out on the opportunity to excel in a sport that might suit them.

Those selected for the program will receive world-class training, coaching and development support, from State and National Sporting Organisations in collaboration with the Queensland Academy of Sport.

There are a number of steps involved in YouFor2032, which look slightly different depending on which program you are interested in. In general, there are 3 parts of the program:


Fill out the online application and register for a testing day or clinic series.


Attend a test session or clinic – put your best foot forward and show us what you’ve got!


Successful athletes will be invited to trial for up to 7 sports, and those who demonstrate potential will be invited to further training opportunities.


For more details about each YouFor2032 program, follow the links below:

The 2032 Brisbane Games may seem a long way away, but your journey starts right here, right now.


By applying for the YouFor2032 Talent Identification Program, you are taking the first step to what could be the most unforgettable life experiences you’ll ever have. There will be hard work, many challenges, disappointments and triumphs. For those who make it, the experience of representing your country in the world’s biggest sporting event will be unparalleled.


You can make this happen.
This is your journey.
The 2032 Brisbane Games are calling.

Finding Queensland’s next sporting stars

Queensland has produced more than our fair share of sporting champions. From butterfliers to beach volleyballers to BMXers, our great state is a prolific nursery for sporting superstars.

Everyone’s story is different, but most who have climbed to the upper echelons of sport have had a lot of support, development and assistance along the way. That’s where we come in. Identifying and nurturing sporting talent at the right time is a huge factor in achieving success. We want to give our talented Queenslanders the opportunity to excel in sport by supporting them with specialised development, training and coaching programs.

In partnership with target sports, the YouFor2032 Talent Identification Program is one approach to developing our next generation of sporting heroes. Sports will also continue to closely track and monitor talent from within their own sporting pathways. To ensure no stone is left unturned, we are working with sports to identify talent that may not have been discovered for a particular sport – but could be really good at it! Maybe you are an aspiring netballer or footballer, but who knows, you may have the potential to be a world-beater in canoeing, cycling or rowing!

How do I get identified?

Selection into the program starts with one major requirement—talent. But there’s a lot more that goes into reaching your potential as an elite athlete.

Elite sport is hard. So is our selection process. It is designed to be rigorous and challenging to ensure the right athletes are identified into the right sports as realistic prospects for reaching the podium.

There are a number of steps involved in the process before final selections are made. These are outlined in the graphic below.


Apply online

As part of your online application, you will be asked some questions about yourself and your sporting history, and to provide a short video. This is your chance to highlight the sports you have already played and relevant results or performances. We will also ask you which of our target sports you are keen to try – remember, you don’t need to have played these sports before, we want to know which ones you might like to try out (or not try!).


Register for and attend a test session or clinic

After you have completed your online application, you will be able to register for a session. Testing and clinic dates and locations can be found in the Talent Search tab.


Assessment by sports

Sports, in conjunction with talent specialists from the QAS, will assess your potential talent for their sport based on your physical testing results and online application.


Be invited to a sport-specific test day

Some sports will ask shortlisted athletes to attend a sport-specific testing day to get a better understanding of your potential. For example, Diving and Swimming may want to see athletes in the water before making final program selections.


Confirmation and selection into development programs

Successful athletes will be invited to join the YouFor2032 program, which consists of:

Step 1: Three (3) month trial phase
Step 2: Selection into 12 month talent development phase
Step 3: Full integration into relevant State and/or National sporting pathways

Brisbane 2032

With the announcement that Brisbane is to play host for the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, opportunities abound for young Queensland athletes to represent their country in our own backyard.


High expectations on local athletes are raised even further when global sporting events such as Brisbane 2032 occur. We’re excited to give millions of Queenslanders extra reasons to cheer on their local heroes by identifying and developing young sporting talent now.


Brisbane 2032 could represent the culmination of your sporting career, so be sure to apply for the YouFor2032 Talent Identification Program to start your journey today.


Click through for more information about Brisbane 2032.


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We want talent.
We want passion.
We want commitment.

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